Company reputation was a deciding factor for me... I wanted a company that was well respected, had been in business at least over 10 years, and was a member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau. You fit the bill!

Sam Weinberg | Insurance Sales Professional, Jersey City, NJ

The willingness, patience and overall professionalism of your agents were major reasons why I became a member of Warranty Agents. There's a number of companies that give you a chance to earn extra money, however not a lot of them leave a good impression as far as customer service is concerned.

Eileen Fitzpatrick | Insurance Professional, Chicago, IL

Warranty Agents proved to be very dependable and true to every single thing they advertise about their company. I've tried offering warranties for my clients in the past, and it was never really worth my time. The Warranty Agents sign-up and quote process is extremely easy. And, they provided all the customer service support for my clients. So, to sum it up: Thank you very much for convincing me to join!

Sam Campbell | Independent Sales Manager, Pensacola, FL

Just wanted to drop a line a tell you how much I liked working with you guys. You are very professional! I especially enjoyed the free access to auto insurance leads.

Jose Peralta Jr | Insurance Agency Owner, Minneapolis, MN

I've been an auto insurance agent for 15 years. Your company is fantastic. The process from beginning to end is SO simple I didn't believe it was real! But I tried it (Thank God)! and with the help of Warranty Agents, I've increased my revenue tremendously for the past few years. Thanks a lot!

Natalie W. Garret | Auto Insurance Specialist, Austin, TX

Where have you been? I just started offering your Warranties to my Auto Insurance clientele, and couple of my clients actually called to thank me for convincing them to purchase warranties, as they were very satisfied with the coverage, especially for the price they paid!

David Lee T. | Independent Insurance Professional, Memphis, TN

I've been selling your Auto Warranty contracts to my customers for a little over two years, and I cannot begin to tell you how satisfied I am. Not just with the quality of service Warranty Agents provides, but also with the coverage and price of your Auto Warranty Contracts. The feedback from my customers is nothing but positive. Seems like you have thought of everything!

Eric C. Cohen | Insurance Professional, NYC

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