About Us

About us

We provide automobile insurance agents a simple, convenient way to make more money and save on the cost of leads by cross-selling extended auto warranties. You get the tools to offer extended auto warranties to your customers then we close the sale for you.

Why Warranty Agents?

Do you want more money, free real-time leads and stronger client relationships easily and hassle free? Warranty Agents provides the solutions you need to grow your business.

What you get:

  • Highest commissions in the industry
  • Free auto insurance leads after each sale
  • More ways to make money with bonuses, contests and incentives
  • Create stronger relationships with your clients
  • Free access to the exclusive membership area of our website where you can track quotes, sales, commissions and more
  • Unlimited customer support, 24/7
  • Free membership

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Warranty Agents was founded with the goal of providing peace of mind to our agents and their clients. We value you and understand the importance of the relationships you've built with your clients.Your customers satisfaction is our priority. Warranty Agents was founded in 1998 and became exclusive to insurance agents in 2011. It’s the only program of its kind.We are located in Los Angeles.

Warranty Agents is a subsidiary of Dealer Services, Inc.  Dealer Services has been in business for 20 years and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau

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